Thermographic inspection refers to the nondestructive testing of parts, materials or systems through the imaging of the thermal patterns at the object’s surface.The term thermography alone, refers to all thermographic inspection techniques regardless of the physical phenomena used to monitor the thermal changes. For instance, the application of a temperature sensitive coating to a surface in order to measure its temperature is a thermographic inspection contact technique based on heat conduction where there is no infrared sensor involved. Infrared thermography on the other hand, is a nondestructive, nonintrusive, noncontact mapping of thermal patterns or “thermograms”, on the surface of objectsthrough the use of some kind of infrared detector.

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66 hrs of T /IRT Level II training covers the following:

Thermal / Infrared Testing Level II training topical outline

Intermediate Thermal / Infrared Physics Course

1.0 Basic Calculations in the three modes of Heat Transfer

2.0 The Infrared Spectrum

3.0 Radiosity Problems

4.0 Resolution Tests and Calculations


Intermediate Thermal / Infrared Operating Course

1.0 Operating for Infrared Measurements (Quantification)

2.0 Operating for High-Speed Data Collection

3.0 Operating Special Equipment for “Active” Techniques

4.0 Reports and Documentation

Intermediate Thermal / Infrared Applications Course

1.0 Temperature Measurement Applications

2.0 Energy Loss Analysis Applications

3 .0 “Active” Applications

4.0 Filtered Applications

5.0 Transient Applications