IEQS is specialized in Advance Nondestructive Testing (ANDT) services that covers a wide range of Industrial needs, with its different methodologies that meet your project needs and Inspection needs.


LRUT- Teletest Focus+:

The Guided Wave long range ultrasonic testing is an advanced technology for detection and analyzing corrosion where access is difficult.

Advantages of Guided wave testing

  • Long range of inspection (30-50m) & 100% volumetric coverage.
  • Detection of internal and external metal loss.
  • Focusing capability to evaluate corrosion distribution around pipe circumference.
  • Sensitivity can be as good as 3% loss of cross-section in ideal conditions (but is typically set at 9%).
  • Ideal where conventional testing is impossible or very costly e.g. clamped, insulated, elevated, sleeved or buried pipes.
  • Pipelines can be tested in service (no production shutdown).
  • A wide range of pipe sizes (2” to 48”) can be inspected.
  • Integral battery operation.
  • Potential reduction of inspection cost due to the speed of the inspection.


Pipe Types

  • Seamless.
  • Longitudinally and spiral welded.

Pipe Materials

  • Ferritic, stainless steel and other materials.

Pipe Situations

  • Buried.
  • Air-to soil interface & Air-to water interface.
  • Sleeved in road crossings.

Flaws found

  • External corrosion.
  • Corrosion under insulation (CUI).
  • Internal corrosion or erosion.

Pipe Coatings

  • Foam or mineral wool.
  • PVC, epoxy, coal tar epoxy.
  • Paint & Bitumastic wrapping.

Pipe Duties

  • Transmission and distribution lines.
  • Refinery and chemical plants.
  • Offshore risers.
  • Jetty lines.
  • Tank farm link lines.
  • Power plant service pipes.
  • Storage sphere support legs.
  • Headers.