In-situ-replication is a powerful technique for assessing material integrity. These techniques allow assessment of root cause of cracking so that correct run-repair-replace decisions can be undertaken. In-situ replication can be undertaken without the need to destructively cut samples from the equipment. In-situ replication can be used as a tool for prediction of remaining life, fitness for purpose, and damage assessment of creep or fire damaged components.

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  • Defect assessment and fitness for purpose
  • Verify cracking mechanisms
  • Determine micro structural condition and alloy type
  • Creep life prediction and replacement scheduling


  • Fired heater tubes
  • High temperature pipework, headers and vessels
  • Reformer tubes
  • FCC and HDS units
  • Coker and Hydrocrackers
  • Chemical reactor vessels
  • Turbine rotors
  • Super heater tubing
  • Hydrogen storage vessels
ndt training centre in chennai
ndt training centre in chennai