Phased array technology generates an ultrasonic beam with the capability of setting beam parameters such as angle, focal distance and focal point size through computer controlled excitation. Furthermore, this beam can be multiplexed over a large array. These capabilities offer a series of possibilities. For instance, we can now quickly vary the angle of the beam to scan a part without moving the probe, and replace multiple transducers with a single element that produces various angle beams electronically. Inspecting a part with a variable angle beam also maximizes detection regardless of the defect orientation, while optimizing signal-to-noise ratio.

Phased Array applications include, Angle beam inspection primarily used for weld inspection.. For weld inspection Phased Array increases the probability of detection by offering the inspector additional tools to visualize the reflectors and their position within the weld. The ability to record the weld scans also allows us to utilize phased array for many projects that are constructed to ASME Code requirements.

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  • Inspection of girth welds of Pressure vessels
  • Corrosion Mapping
  • laminations checking
  • Tube and pipe weld inspections
  • Inspection of Tee-joints
  • Dissimmilar weld inspection
  • Power plant
  • Nozzle Testing
  • Pre processing(Scan Plan) done with ESBeam Tool Software
  • Acquiring data done with OMNIScan- MXU
  • Post Proccessing (Data analysis) done with Tomoview Software

Corrosion mapping is an ultrasonic technique which maps and identifies variations in material thickness due to corrosion. Corrosion is the deterioration of a metallic material by chemical (or electrochemical) attack. This is normally caused by the environment (most often water), and sometimes by another material. There are several types of corrosion:

  • Uniform corrosion that extends evenly across the surface
  • Pitting corrosion that is uneven and has smaller deep areas (pits)
  • Exfoliation corrosion that moves along layers of elongated grains
  • Inter-granular corrosion that grows along grain boundaries
ndt level 2 courses in chennai
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