Thickness measuring is essential across many industries to monitor corrosion, erosion and damage. Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is commonly used and the method can be applied to a wide range of structures and components that includes ship hulls, piping, pressure vessels and structural steel.

Detection of metal loss caused by corrosion, erosion or damage is vital to ensure the continued safety and operation of the inspected item/structure. It can also help determine if repair work or replacement is needed or if the item/structure should be retired. Ultrasonic thickness measurement data gives customers the necessary information required to determine if the tested item has the adequate metal thickness for which it was designed.

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  • Access wall thickness of material due to corrosion.
  • Wall thickness measurements of hard materials, piping, sheet metal, construction materials
  • Hull plates and metallic surfaces
  • General inspection of metals including steel, cast iron,
  • Thickness of aluminium, copper, brass, titanium sheet metal, tanks, ship metal, ship hull
  • Inspection of piping systems
  • Inspection of glass, ceramics and hard plastics
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