This inspection program identifies integrity risks due to vibration-induced piping failures and is becoming a core component in an integrity management system. The assessment includes baseline vibration surveys of main piping, compressors, pumps, other rotating equipment, small-bore connections, vessels, nozzles, piping supports, skids, fire water systems, wellheads, and foundations.

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  • Verification that vibration will not impact the facilities integrity system. This includes compressor stations, pumping facilities, gas plants, refineries and petro-chemical facilities. This can be applied on existing facilities, or can be implemented during the design phase for new projects.
  • Start-up check for new compressor and pump packages.
  • Field inspection for offshore platforms and FPSOs, given the higher risk issues facing these production facilities.
  • System Integrity inspection of clamps, bracing, bolts, flange alignment, piping supports, and other components.
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